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Jozi’s disadvantaged kids to prep for Afrikabot competition

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) have announced a programme that will see disadvantaged children around Joburg getting the chance to build their own robots. UJ and SAIEE are taking the university’s Technolab engineering education training programme out of the lecture rooms and into Soweto, Alexandra and the…


Klein satelliet ‘billik én slimmer’

‘n Maatskappy in Somerset-Wes ontwikkel ’n kompakte satelliet wat te koop aangebied sal word. Dr. Sias Mostert, uitvoerende hoof van Space Commercial Services Aerospace Group (SCSAG), het aan Die Burger gesê hulle het aanvanklik begin om maatskappye en lande met die aanwending van satelliete te help. “Dit is een ding om ’n satelliet te bou…

Residents of the North West town of Mabeskraal  are amond the one third of South Africans who do not have regularly-flowing water. Image by Delwyn Verasamy.

Eight ways to fix our water woes

The South African water crisis is a complex series of interlocking problems that preclude a silver-bullet solution. Each water system is unique, with different geographies, weather, populations and quirks, such as an unwillingness to reuse treated waste water. Some short-term interventions are obvious, if expensive, such as reducing demand by cutting losses from leaking pipes.…

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How we know the cables won’t snap

When Riaan Bergh spots a car with a tow bar, he’s on all fours before he can help himself, checking how the thing is designed and connected, and if it would pass a strength test. Safety first This habit began during the formative years of Bergh’s career, when he was responsible for testing a great…


Ingenieur van SA help tuig op komeet land

Wanneer die landingstuig Philae op 12 November op ’n komeet land, sal ’n stukkie Suid-Afrikaanse breinkrag ’n groot rol speel in sy sukses. Die Europese Ruimte-agentskap sal geskiedenis maak wanneer hy die eerste word om ’n tuig op ’n komeet – 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko – te laat land. Die tuig, Rosetta, wat reeds in ’n wentelbaan 10 km…


The splash of dignity

In episode 12 of The Science Inside, we looked at what it takes to bring water and sanitation services to the people of South Africa. One can only patch up the pipes so many times, and safety concerns often prevents water getting to those who need it most.

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#SciBraaiSides 13 April 2014

The use of snuff among SA teens, the impact of invasive water hyacinth on biodiversity, gardening in Limpopo and what to do with intellectual property developed at SA universities – here’s this week’s #ScibraaiSides: SA teens snuff too Thought that using snuff or chewing tobacco was only something your grandfather did? Think again. It’s a…