#SAscienceHero Lesley Scott wins innovation prize

Via We’re a bit behind the news on this, which in the fast paced internet world is clearly unforgiveable, but Lesley Erica Scott, inventor and Wits University professor, has won the African Innovation Foundation’s Innovation Prize for Africa’s Special Prize for Social Impact for her invention that examines the accuracy of machines used to detect TB. Scott, who…

Scanning electron microscope image of mycobacterium tuberculosis, responsible for tuberculosis. Image: flickr (

What’s missing from South Africa’s anti-TB toolbox?

Samantha Sampson, Stellenbosch University The approval in South Africa last year of the first new TB drug in 50 years was celebrated as a milestone in the fight against the global epidemic. The drug – bedaquiline – is a new class of TB drug with the potential to tackle drug resistant strains of TB. Trials…

World Economic Forum on Africa 2009

SciBraai’s #SONA2015 round-up

Science plays a crucial role in improving the state of the nation. Here’s our twitter round-up from Zuma’s #SONA2015, focusing on energy & water, developing our ocean economy, agriculture, broadband access, health (HIV & TB) and rhino poaching. Zuma’s 9 steps: Science will be key to 9 steps for boosting SA economy, esp energy crisis, agro-processing, infrastructure & operation phakisa!…


#Scibraai Sides: Who dies of what in rural KwaZulu-Natal?

Women living in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal are more likely than men to pass away because of HIV/Aids, heart related reasons, strokes or diabetes. Male residents from this region, on the other hand, are far more likely than their female counterparts to die because of assaults, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents or by their own hand. Overall,…


Science scores first goal in 2014 FIFA World Cup

The players, the referees, the ball, and the audience – at home or in the stadium – are all cogs in this machine we call the beautiful game. Episode 15 of The Science Inside takes a look at the engineering genius behind a soccer world cup spectacle.


Caught by the SciBraai Eye

07 March 2014: Fresh off the SciBraai grill: a different kind of green card, Fairtrade in the South African context, herbal remedies for skin conditions and the safety of tourists during township tours. This is rare, locally-sourced mental meat you’re not likely to find elsewhere. The secret of the green and white cards Did you know…