Eight water data projects from last weekend’s SKAHack

SKAHack participants produced a number of apps to save water in different ways. Image credit: Fronne.

SKAHack participants produced a number of apps to save water in different ways. Image credit: Fronne.

While the past week may have seen massive downpours, it doesn’tmean the drought and water shortages are over.

This is why Geekulcha hosted its most recent hackathon – the SKAHack – to encourage developers to help find solutions for problems in their community.

Named after the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), SKAHack was held in the Eastern Cape and focused on big data, just like the ridiculous amounts that the SKA collects.

Instead of using the data to look to the stars, participants focused on water and ways to conserve it in the country. Six of the eight submitted projects focused on good old H2O, with water-based projects claiming all three top spots.

After a data workshop from the folks at Code4SA, the 60 participants started the weekend which produced a variety of projects.

Some focused on saving water by providing relevant information to households as well as municipalities, while others focused on finding alternatives such as boreholes.

Here’s are the winners and who’ll be in line to receive business and technical support to further their ideas.

First: Team: Alien Tech | Project: Kukan Careers Guidance App

Helps students track the progress of the SKA and the oportunities it creates and possible applications for the data it derives.

Second: Team: HOK | Project: Water Reporter

Using data to help lower costs for the municipality and getting the community involved by providing instant notifications on water crisis.

Third: Team: Team FNFK | Project: eScanner Device and eViewer Application

Automated scanning in water meters for more efficiency in water management. All information from a residence will be recorded and captured on a database, using the information already available from the local authorities.

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