Gooi your meat on the SciBraai

This is a bring-and-braai where everyone is welcome. If you have a good story or just a lekker stukkie about science or scientists in South Africa, share it with us!

Science and technology is everywhere around us. From a child discovering for the first time how the world works to a team of researchers looking at how the universe began. South Africans have great stories of exploration and innovation, and where better to share them than around our digital fire?

Your contribution can be dead serious. Or quirky. A once-off happie or a regular feature. Whatever you fancy chatting about to friends around a braai that doesn’t involve a dropkick and a scrum or the president’s homestead.

A-grade meats and vegies taste the best. The same goes for the SciBraai grill: bring A-grade science and let’s shisa nyama. But feel free to add eish, ja. And pap and wors and chakalaka. And no your contribution does not have to be in English. Aikona. Every South African language is welcome at this braai.

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