The SciBraai team. From left to right: Engela Duvenage, Paul Kennedy, Anina Mumm and Stephan Mumm.

South Africans love to braai. It brings us together and binds us. We share stories and we share food around a fire. Around the SciBraai grill we also share stories and we share food for thought. Braaing itself is a science. The chemical reactions as the wood burns in oxygen, the way the proteins in meats and vegetables break down as they are cooked, and the psychology behind why we love to braai. In fact, science is everywhere and very much part of everyday life in South Africa, just like braaing.

SciBraai is a proudly South African NPO dedicated to science journalism, communication and outreach. SciBraai began on Heritage Day 2013 – Anina Mumm and Engela Duvenage launched the website, SciBraai.co.za, to feature stories about South African research, technology and innovation, and the people behind the discoveries. This blog welcomes all South Africans to go behind the scenes of local science and exploration endeavors. It’s a place to share stories about the scientists themselves and the interesting, little-known activities that are often left out of research journals. A place to learn more about the stuff that makes South African science and its people tick. A place to feel inspired about what South Africans are discovering on home soil and abroad. Because local is lekker, no matter what language you use.

SciBraai’s following has grown in the past years, and we are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve also begun organising real-life braai’s where we share round-the-fire stories about South African science and scientists.

Explore the blog. Have a taste and breathe in the aromas. Learn something and love it. And if you want to share your story, get in touch with us here. If you like what you see here, please also share SciBraai.co.za with everyone you know!

Passionate volunteers keep the SciBraai fire burning. SciBraai.co.za is managed by Engela Duvenage, Anina Mumm and Paul Kennedy.