[LISTEN] The Science Inside: Radio waves, lost continents and skirt lengths

Want to know more about a cellphone that could charge itself, how to build a radio from scratch or how the SKA radio telescope is to probe the radio waves of distant galaxies? Then listen to this episode of “The Science Inside”, produced by the Wits Radio Academy. Other topics in this show include: * News…

[LISTEN] The Science Inside #34 – About elephants, organ transplants and dinosaurs

What do dinosaurs, organ transplants and elephants that detect land mines all have in common? They’re all studied by Wits University scientists! Have a listen to this episode of The Science Inside radio show. ‪ The Wits Evolutionary Studies Institute’s Dr Jonah Choiniere tells us about how their new dinosaur find came about. The Chanceplant…

[LISTEN] The Science Inside: Going off the grid

We’re going off the grid with this episode about load shedding. We hear how load shedding caused fire for one woman and speak to electrical engineer Paul Tuson about the dangers. We visit Netshield’s Inus Dreckmeyr’s off the grid house and we also learn of a small black box that could save your business during power…

The science of South African spy cables

  With the recent scandal surrounding the leaking of South African spy cables, The Science Inside looks into the science and technology behind the modern spy game. The show covers SA’s missile program, the psychology of lying, and the high-tech gear that spies are using in today’s world.

The Science Inside #30 – The Nuclear Corruption

Catch up on the latest news with regards to South Africa’s nuclear programme, and all the wheeling and dealing behind its procurement. Also, listen to what happens to a sea creature when it is nuked.