Who are the big names in South African science?

Lee Berger (#Homonaledi). Tim Noakes (#banting). Glenda Gray (#MRCpresident). Bob Sholes (#climatechange). Himla Soodyall? Salim Abdool-Karim? Bruce Rubidge? Jill Farrant? Can you place these names, and associate a specific hashtag to each of them? They are among South Africa’s most visible scientists, according to a study published in the South African Journal of Science.   The…

We ate McDonald’s in the name of science

In this episode we investigate diet fads like #Paleo and #Noakes. We find out if high-fat, low-carb eating is good for your cholesterol, and we look at the recent news that sugary drinks may soon be taxed just like alcohol and cigarettes. [View the story “We ate MacDonald’s in the name of science” on Storify]