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Portraits from the Pandemic: a mathematician’s artistic perspective

For those of us still dealing with intense anxiety and burnout after the COVID-19 pandemic, the quaint watercolour-painted characters in Stellenbosch University maths professor Karin-Therese...

Who are the big names in South African science?

Lee Berger (#Homonaledi). Tim Noakes (#banting). Glenda Gray (#MRCpresident). Bob Sholes (#climatechange). Himla Soodyall? Salim Abdool-Karim? Bruce Rubidge? Jill Farrant? Can you place these names, and...
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On a Quest for great science stories

Paul Kennedy
On Saturday 22 August, SciBraai, Code4SA and the International Center for Journalists hosted the first ever science-themed Data Quest, which produced some great potential multimedia science stories. Held at...
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Join the Data Quest to tell science stories with SA data

SciBraai, Code for South Africa and the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ)  will host a science journalism DataQuest at Codebridge civic tech lab in Cape...
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Beauty, horror and hope: Dave Pepler tells all

Renowned and beloved South African naturalist Dave Pepler shared his life story and views on sharing science in “a divided, but connected” world with a...