The Science Inside #36: South Africa’s water problem is massive

What does exploding homebrewed beer in Johannesburg suburbia to do with South Africa’s growing water problem? Find out by listening to this week’s edition of the ‘Science Inside’. Dr Karl Rumbold of the Wits School of Molecular and Cell Biology and water expert Anthony Turton of the University of the Free State shed some light on the subject.

The Science Inside

The Science Inside is produced by The Wits Radio Academy with funding from The Department of Science & Technology. Each week the show goes inside the science of a major news item, natural disaster or cultural event, such as the salvage of the Costa Concordia, fracking, a train crash or the shortage of ARVs. In addition to expert interviews, each show features listeners’ questions, answered by a university student in the appropriate field. A regular feature, “The Science OUTside”, also takes the show on a trip out of the studio. A second regular segment is “2 Minute Science”, which looks at future developments and how science can change the world. Tune in to Vow FM every Monday at 6pm.

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