[LISTEN] The Science Inside: The drought episode

This week The Science Inside radio show looks at the drought and water crisis hitting South Africa. Find out exactly where your water comes from with Dean Muruven from WWF SA’s #JourneyOfWater and take a look at how Cirrus Water Management is using atmospheric water generation to make water out of thin air. With the help…

The Science Inside: Transport Riots in SA

Following the Putco bus riots, we’re looking into public transport. Transport engineer Gerrit Wessels explains why buses always seem to whiz through intersections and Louise Naude from WWF tells us what your car is doing to climate change.

The Science Inside #13: How dogs rescue people

  How is a dog able to search for missing persons? And how is the dog trained to do so? How long does it take? And what does it have to do with computer science? Have a listen to Part 2 of The Science Inside radio show #13, which focuses on the Jayde Panayiotou murder…

Xenophobia in SA: How prejudice is born

“Prejudice is a group phenomenon. You don’t have a personal feeling about someone who has something different, just by yourself. It’s somehow created, somehow part of social norms.” – Social psychologist Prof Gillian Finchilescu from the University of Witwatersrand, who has been studying prejudice for years. This week The Science Inside looks at xenophobia, xenophobic violence…

The Science Inside Collins Chabane’s Crash

Following the tragic death of Public Service & Administration Minister Collins Chabane, this episode looks at how we can use mapping to make our roads safer, how our minds process information while driving and how to analyse a wreckage to determine how a crash happened (accident forensics).

The science of South African spy cables

  With the recent scandal surrounding the leaking of South African spy cables, The Science Inside looks into the science and technology behind the modern spy game. The show covers SA’s missile program, the psychology of lying, and the high-tech gear that spies are using in today’s world.

SciBraai’s #SONA2015 round-up

Science plays a crucial role in improving the state of the nation. Here’s our twitter round-up from Zuma’s #SONA2015, focusing on energy & water, developing our ocean economy, agriculture, broadband access, health (HIV & TB) and rhino poaching. Zuma’s 9 steps: Science will be key to 9 steps for boosting SA economy, esp energy crisis, agro-processing, infrastructure & operation phakisa!…

Petrol prices and petrol-free cars

This week, The Science Inside looks at the dropping petrol prices. They chat to Director and chief economist at Econometrix, Dr Azar Jammime about the the oil price, then hear about the Shell Eco-marathon and how to build a car that can travel thousands of kms on a single litre of petrol.They wrap up with…

Science twisted to justify Africa’s anti-gay laws

Anti-gay legislation is becoming a worrying trend across the African continent. In episode 9 of The Science Inside we looked at homosexuality in terms of nature versus nurture, and how scientific and historical evidence was misconstrued or ignored to ban and punish gay Ugandans.