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Minute life: new diatom discovered on sea snakes

Engela Duvenage
Your chances of spotting a yellow-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis platurus) while boogey boarding or surfing are slim. It is after all the only sea snake...
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Homo Naledi goes virtual

Thanks to funding received from the Royal Society of South Africa, Scibraai will be publishing a few new science stories in the coming months by...
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Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr: a biochemist who believes perceptions can be shifted

In academia, change often happens slowly. Academics are born into a paradigm and, more often than not, they maintain that paradigm rather than interrogating and...
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Jou selfoon-foto’s kan wetenskaplikes help

Engela Duvenage
Iewers in die Villiersdorp-omgewing is daar ‘n kleine naaldekoker wat soos ‘n superheld van kleur kan verander. As die son skyn, lyk die Spesbona angusta...