Moovah! – free wifi for Jozi’s taxis


Moovah gives taxi commuters free wifi access. Image source:

Moovah gives taxi commuters free wifi access. Image source:

How often have you sat in the back of a taxi on your way to work or back home, wishing that you could easily connect to the internet without using your mobile data or draining your smartphone’s battery?

Well, Absa thinks that they have the perfect solution for you. The bank launched its Moovah! app this week in selected taxis, which will give commuters free WiFi access to the internet and a host of other services.

Absa explained that what sets Moovah! apart from any other WiFi offering in taxis, is that users will be able to download or stream content directly to their smartphones – as well as see more information about Absa products and services.

It’s products like these that Absa credits for the large volume of returning customers, but the bank is also hoping to attract new customers. They explained that their focus on innovative digital products is the sole reason for 43% of new bank accounts for customers who had already closed their accounts in the past.

“We are going to be able to pump content on top the app itself and customers are going to become more educated in terms of our offers and how our products work,” said Absa’s Juanetta Matelakengisa.

A pilot phase will be rolled out in Gauteng from mid-April, and the Moovah! connectivity has been made possible with a partnership between Absa, OnRoot and vehicle financing company SA Taxi.

Commuters who connect to the app will get a daily data allowance of 5MB, but that can be increased by completing surveys, providing the bank with their personal details and watching advertisements every day. Once a commuter has accumulated 100 points it can be converted into 10MB of data.

The app can also be integrated with other brands, and since its geospecific it will know where the taxi (and its commuters) find themselves. Brands can then offer commuters deals and specials if they are in a specific area.

“Taxi operators offering the Moovah! service will become preferred providers for commuters, increasing their revenue streams. In return, they will also earn revenue as a media outlet for organisations using Moovah! to promote their products,” explained Onroot chief executive and founder Megan Harrison in a media release.

You can download Moovah! on Android and BlackBerry devices – it will be made available on most of the major routes in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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