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Co-founder of Day job: Science writer and science communicator who loves turning research papers into news stories. Claim to fame: mother of two daughters; winner of the Izethelo Award for Outstanding Journalism (2016) from the South African fruit industry, and winner of the best technical article award (2016) as presented by the South African Agricultural Writers' Association Background: MPhil (Journalism, specialising in science journalism) and HonsBA (Psychology).
Technology & Computer Science

The UWC student who takes a closer look at crime scenes

Engela Duvenage
Mfundo Maneli is a computer scientist on a mission to help South African forensic investigators to better “read” and understand crime scenes. It’s his way...
Health & Medical

Min soet oor SA se soutbeleid

Engela Duvenage
Maandagaand 21:05 – My lus vir souttjippies kry die oorhand. Teen my beterwete gaan haal ek die pak wat na die naweek se braai oorgebly het...
Animal Science Biology & Evolution

Minute life: new diatom discovered on sea snakes

Engela Duvenage
Your chances of spotting a yellow-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis platurus) while boogey boarding or surfing are slim. It is after all the only sea snake...
Science books

CT expert’s latest children’s book on Africa’s dinosaurs

Engela Duvenage
Cape Town palaeontologist Prof Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan is as at ease in front of international academic audiences talking about her research into the microscopic structure of...