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Science Voices was a SPECIAL REPORT published in the Mail & Guardian in August 2014. The idea was to give young South African scientists an opportunity to showcase their research and discoveries. Read more from Sarah Wild, science editor at the M&G: Every week starting in September 2014, we republish one of the stories featured in the report. You can read all the stories at M&G now:

Climate & Earth M&G's Science Voices

MG’s #Science Voices: Is lightning’s ‘blast’ as bad as its strike?

How close does a person have to be to a lightning strike to be at risk? How far does this pressure blast wave extend? Ryan Blumenthal,...
Agriculture M&G's Science Voices

Save indigenous Zulu sheep and you save rural farmers

Zulu sheep are valuable to farmers because of their ability to brace the harsh environment in the KwaZulu-Natal region, writes Thembinkosi “Mnqobi” Xulu, a MSc candidate...
Agriculture M&G's Science Voices

Science Voices: Meatless Mondays might be harmful in SA

Is skipping out on a meaty meal to save the environment doing more harm than good? Nicolette Hall, a PhD candidate at the University of Pretoria,...
M&G's Science Voices Space & Astronomy

Science Voices: Astrophysical jets in distant galaxy could teach us physics

In the dark and cold chasm of space, huge jets of charged particles erupt around a super-massive black hole, writes Arvind Ramessur, a MSc candidate at the...
Human & Social M&G's Science Voices

SCIENCE VOICES: Finding ways to prevent cricket injuries

Pace bowlers are at particular risk of sustaining injuries, writes Benita Olivier, a PhD candidate at the University of the Witwatersrand. There is a great...
M&G's Science Voices

SCIENCE VOICES: ‘Insect farming’ a possible industry for rural communities

For some southern African communities, stinkbugs are a culinary delicacy, writes Cathy Dzerefos in an article that forms part of the Mail & Guardian’s Science Voices...
Health & Medical M&G's Science Voices

SCIENCE VOICES: The sleeping pill that wakes up damaged brains

Between our love for contact sports and our shocking road traffic injury figures, South Africans are at the troubling end of head trauma statistics, writes...