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Homo Naledi goes virtual

Thanks to funding received from the Royal Society of South Africa, Scibraai will be publishing a few new science stories in the coming months by local journalists.

First up is an insert about Dinaledi VR, the world’s first free mobile palaeoanthropology virtual reality app. It provides virtual access to the underground Dinaledi chamber in the Rising Star cave – a place that only about 20 people have ever entered. It is one of the richest hominin excavation sites on the planet and contains Homo Naledi fossils. It’s even inaccessible to research leader Prof Lee Berger! Anyone can now enter the Dinaledi chamber. Dinaledi VR is available in English, Spanish, Sesotho, Setswana and isiZulu.

Marize de Klerk and Franco Puglisi witnessed some of these caving scientists, and tells more about the experience.






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